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Duration: 30 minutes approximately

Skydiving in Flandes

Extreme Sports

Tandem Mode

This is the easiest way to jump from an airplane, after having received a pre-instruction of 10 minutes, they will ascend on the plane to more than 11,000 feet of height hooked to a certified instructor in the United States by the USPA (United States Parachute Association ), they will have a free fall between 40 and 45 seconds to more than 250 kms / h. In this way all they have to do is enjoy the jump, once the instructor has opened the parachute they will have a flight of approximately 8 minutes where they can do maneuvers and the instructor will give an explanation of how the parachute flies and if they wish they can maneuver it.


– Quotas on the plane
-Certification of the jump
-Video of jump handycam
-Airport tickets

Each person must pay on the site the value of $ 8,000 pesos corresponding to an insurance for extreme sports that covers you for 24 hours.

* If the passenger weighs 85 Kilos or more, he must pay an additional $ 50,000 pesos.


Additional External Camera: $ 180,000 (Recommended), An expert aerial cameraman parachutist, you can make a video from a different perspective by jumping half a second before you and your instructor, recording your departure from the plane, free fall, opening of the parachute and landing.

The PASSENGER CUPO x $ 120,000 is also offered; for those who want to go alone as a companion and take a tour on our plane, flying over the area for 35 minutes and enjoying a magnificent view between the central and eastern mountain ranges, and over the delta of the Magdalena River.


For the jump you must have 4 hours to do the activity because the weather can vary, bring comfortable clothes, tennis, sunscreen and repellent.

You must reserve 8 days before, and send us an email with MAXIMUM two days in advance with the information of the people who want to jump.

Once you have the voucher this should be sent to the email and add the following information:

-Full name
-ID number
-Cell phone
-Age and Weight